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4G Waterproof Mobile Hotspot

The AquaFi™ 4G LTE mobile hotspot keeps boaters online, delivering fast and reliable WiFi with a secure connection.

Mobile internet for boaters.

Engineered for the boating lifestyle, AquaFi's waterproof casing can withstand damp, marine environments, preventing water infiltration that could damage normal electronics.  Whether you're enjoying a lazy day on the pontoon boat or planning a longer cabin cruiser excursion, AquaFi will help keep everyone connected while onboard.

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Connect up to 10 users without sacrificing speed performance

With friends and family onboard, AquaFi keeps everyone connected to the internet without limiting internet speeds and performance. Stop using your personal device for everyone’s onboard internet needs and prevent rapid battery and data drain with the power of AquaFi. Featuring a secure 2.4 GHz WiFi network and 4G LTE speeds up to 150 Mbps, AquaFi gives you premium speed and performance so everyone can stay connected to the internet.

Two Flexible Data Plans

AquaFi Basic

Stay connected - Great for day trips and weekends

5GB data plan

4G LTE network access

Reloadable data plan for $37/month

AquaFi Premium

More data for all - Connect family and friends to Wi-Fi

10GB data plan

4G LTE network access

Reloadable data plan for $65/month

* Only available in select regions

Entertainment anywhere.

No more using your phone as a hotspot

Watch movies

Stream music

Connect fishing gear

Live stream sports

Browse the internet

4G LTE connectivity with high speed internet up to 150 Mbps

TM waterproof icon
Waterproof design contains all antennas and critical components
waterproof icon
AquaFi's design allows it to float, so don't worry about dropping it in the water
TM 4g LTE logo
4G LTE connectivity with speeds up to 150 Mbps*
SIM card icon
SIM card included
Docking station included for easy onboard mounting solution
ac apater icon
AC/DC adapter included for use in standard 110V power outlets for off-board use

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can connect up to 10 users with your AquaFi Hotspot.
While you can tether multiple devices to your phone, the more you add, the worse the experience usually is. AquaFi eliminates the rapid battery and data drain a mobile device experiences when being used as a hotspot. Multiple devices connected to your mobile device’s hotspot can drain even the best batteries in as little as two hours.
The AquaFi Hotspot utilizes diversity antenna (2 antennas) / MiMo (Multiple-in/Multiple-out) technology, giving it optimal antenna performance resulting in the best signal strength and bandwidth.
No. AquaFi mounts to a convenient powered docking station while it’s in your boat, but also comes with a convenient 120V adapter, so you can take AquaFi with your anywhere. Power is never an issue.

AquaFi's design allows it to float, so don't worry about dropping it in the water.

All critical components are securely contained within AquaFi's waterproof casing, helping it withstand damp environments.

Engineered for the boating lifestyle with 4G LTE connectivity.

Here's what's included when you purchase AquaFi:

  • AquaFi 4G Waterproof Mobile Hotspot
  • Mountable Docking Station
  • AC to DC Power Supply Adapter

Register. Connect. Enjoy.

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